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Bye for now, Singapore

A mission accomplished. Fullfilled and done!

Yes it is now time for me na umuwi sa totoong tahanan ko. For 18 years I have been residing in Singapore, and now uuwi na ako sa Pilipinas.


COST-OF-LIVING. Now adays its hard or shall I say it got harder na mamuhay dito sa Singapore. Due to inflations, and yes nagmamahal rin ang mga bilihin sa abroad hindi lang sa Pilipinas. If sa Pilipinas you can pay 10,000 Pesos to 30,000 Pesos to rent out an apartment, sa abroad lalo na if its a first-world country, it’s more expensive. To rent a small unit here in Singapore, it will cost you 130,000 Pesos. Last time a simple Chicken Rice will cost you 2.50SGD, now minimum is 5SGD. Living abroad is expensive but there will always be some tipid-tips which you can do so you can manage it. Some people would say “Pero Malaki naman ang sahod mo!” Yes, salary and compensations are good. It is correct, if you will convert it to some weaker currency that is. Minimum salary of entry job levels here in Singapore would be ranging from 190,000 to 200,000 Pesos. But then again, you will need to pay rent, eat food, commute, and pay your bills, which are not cheap, if you are going to convert it to weaker currencies as well of course.

NEW GENERATION OF FOREIGN WORKERS. Sa tingin ko, panahon ko na rin talaga na umalis at umuwi, not because of self pride pero naramdaman ko kasi yung feeling na hindi ka niya kailangan. New generation of foreign workers are now out in the market. Yes they are younger, and sometimes even better! And they are even cheaper than you are. That is the truth and reality. But that does not mean na Tanga ka na or you’re not good enough. I must say in terms of knowledge, lumalaban pa rin naman, due to long exposure and experience. But remember, the more experience and smarter you are, the more expensive you become as a resource. The new once, they might know the new technology out there already but they don’t know the old stuff, reason for them to be paid lesser. MORE EXPERIENCE, MORE PAY! Companies strategic move, to get new and fresh resources. LESS EXPERIENCE, LESS PAY!

LOST TIME. Totoo ito. It is the number one reason why a Filipino will chose to come back home. Lost time with your family. For long years na namuhay ako, mag-isa, marami Akong na gain, pero I lost or still loosing the most precious thing, TIME. Yung oras I am suppose to be with my parents, siblings at mga pamangkin, umikli. My parents are now old, ayoko umuwi kung kailan too late na. Gusto kong mag spent time with them while they are still strong, able to walk, laugh and enjoy! My siblings has now started to build their own families too, ayoko pag-lipas ng panahon eh Hindi na ako Kilala ng mga pamangkin ko. I gained much, but I lost some TIME too.

So, bye for now Singapore. Surely you will be missed. Thank you for all the years we spent together. Until next time.

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