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NOYPI 101!

From EDSA I to EDSA III, what are the lessons that you have learned?

I asked some few people about this and they answered mostly same thing, “Magkapitbisig laban sa katiwalian ng Gobyerno.” Which I think is a good lesson to learn from such event. But what is the highlight of EDSA Revolution? What is the true lesson behind it? If you are going to ask me, on what I have learned from it, I would simply answer, “To do our best, as Filipinos, to prevent another EDSA Revolution from happening again“.

My opinion is, we didn’t really learned from it. Why? Because if we did, we will just have one EDSA Revolution, not three. Yes its true and right that we fight against corruption. But we are falling into a big cycle, we vote, they win, no changes, we complain, go to EDSAand shout from top of our lungs, then we vote again, they win again, no changes again, and so on…

We voted for these Politicians, why vote for them in the first place then? If you say you did not and they won by cheating the election, then why did we allow them to cheat? Why did we not put a stop on this?

As I have said before, we can’t just blame the President from all the bad things that is happening in our country, why don’t we try to blame it to our selves.

How about you? what lessons did you learn?

Now, let me share a new lesson which I have just learned, “If I encounter a problem or any issues, don’t use a telescope, simply use a mirror…”

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