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Moving On…

I was cleaning my room last weekend. Changed bedding, wiped floor, and organized closet. Those are the things I needed to do. Tiring, yeah, but I got no choice.

While I was organizing my closet, there I saw a plastic bag which is hanging at the very back of it. I knew that bag. I knew it has some stuff which few months back, I didn’t want to see. I didn’t want to remember any of it. That’s the main reason I tried my very best, at least, not to throw it, but just to hide it.

And so I opened it, and then I saw few things. A shirt. A personalized bottle with my name on it. A mobile phone. A towel. Three watches. Few pictures. And a Ring.

Yes these all came from my past relationship. All the things we’ve shared are inside that bag. I don’t know what came to my mind and decided to check every piece inside it. Each reminded me of different things.

Then I was thinking of, should I throw it? Burn it? Give away to someone else. I was unsure on what to do with all the stuff.

But then…

Why should I? It doesn’t mean that if I throw it, I moved on?! If I burn it, everything is gone?! If I give it away, means everything I wont remember?

It does not work that way, I guess.

The only way to moved on is to accept the fact that hmmmmm…. there is nothing to think about actually. Its plain blank. Just blank.

I don’t know whether I am doing it right… But I placed everything back inside the bag and kept it. I placed it this time at the very bottom of the closet.

Time heals everything. And so, let’s move on…

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