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Back Into Blogging

And so I am back! Hi fans! wahahaha.

I realize that something is missing; it has been a year since I started an online magazine but ever since, I felt like that there still something missing. Then I realize, I am missing the online rants that I usually make ehehe.

Okay, since this is “considered” as my first entry for this blog site, lets start with one very controversial issue with our beloved Philippines NAIA Airport’s “LAGLAG BALA GANG”

As a fellow Filipino, this is so embarrassing to the point that politicians are not alone in being corrupt, it includes individuals who abuse the weaknesses of their fellow “Kababayans.”

The scheme involves discreetly planting of bullets by these airport personnel to airline passengers’ bags. When the passenger gets arrested, they would be asked to pay over a huge amount of money in exchange for their freedom.

Most victims turns out to be OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker). Which is totally pathetic and absurd. Is this even how we repay the people whom we call our Modern-day Heroes? And some were ordinary passengers! Gosh!

I think since it is Christmas season, that’s why this scheme still continuously happening.

The question is what is the NAIA Officials doing to stop this modus in their own backyard! I hope they do something ASAP!

“At para sa mga taong patuloy na nanloloko ng kapwa nila! Mamamatay rin kayo! At sa oras na nagkita kita tayo sa langit man o sa impyerno, alam ko sisingilin kayo sa lahat ng mga ninakaw ninyo!”

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