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Missing my Grand Ma

This year, we have lost our beloved Nanay. It has been years I have been blogging but I never had the chance to post anything about my grandmother. I don’t really post anything about family relationships anyway. But for a change I want to pay tribute to the kindest person I know.

I didn’t had the chance to speak up and share anything during her funeral. Not that I was not given the chance but I really didn’t want to. I was speechless during those time. Yeah, first time in my life I was completely devastated. My brain turns to a blank space when I think of her. I won’t even dare to take a peak on her coffin.

So let me share few things I remember about Nanay. She usually give me a slap in the face whenever I get the chance to see her. I always play with her “law-law na braso” (loosen arms). She hates it when I try to tickle her ears. She has alot of stuff which I always make “kalikot”.

She doesn’t like hearing curse words inside the house. She doesn’t like gambling or anything to do with games with money.

When I was I baby they told me a story that I was very hungry but then my Mom wasn’t around so I needed to suckle on Nanay. Ewwww! ehehehe but yah!

The last time I saw her was last year (2014) I went back home depress and burdened by problems. I never shared what happened the day I visited Nanay in her house. I don’t know why I did, but I went into tears and lay beside her. I remember her saying “Oh umiiyak ka ba?” then she wiped my tears off of my face. She then hugged me and I knew what she meant. From that moment I knew that everything will be okay. I felt like whatever problem or issues I had during those time were somehow gone.

I can’t believe that day will be the last time I saw her. I miss her alot. I miss the way she laughs and the way she smiles.

It’s suppose to be her 89th Birthday tomorrow (Nov 4). But she choose to have the infinity numbers 88 as her last age. But still Happy happy birthday Nanay! I miss you Nanay! And I love you so much!

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