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Duterte VS Philippine Media

Conversation and topic of the day with my Singaporean colleagues: Duterte vs Media

They said at early stages of LKY as prime minister of Singapore, it started off same way as what is happening now in Philippines. Their leader is being criticized and being ruined by media and being bashed by some people. There were alot of killings during those time. Singapore was at war against corruption and drugs.

Now as years past, the late Lee Kuan Yew is well known as one of the smartest and honourable leader around the globe. And Singapore, a very small island is one of the top countries. A 1st world country.
I know PH is totally different with SG. Phil. Is bigger and difficult to control compare to a small island.

But I cant stop to wonder, wala na ba talaga tayong pangarap para sa bansa natin? Arent we dreaming and hoping we could achieve the same thing? Are we really contented on where Philippines stand now? That we try to contest our own people and leader rather than supporting their good intentions? We are counting the number of killings due to police operations rather than seeing the good effect it could bring to our homes? Arent we dreaming of a safe environment where people are safe to roam around and go to wherever they want? Are we not thinking of the upcoming generations? Where they are safe and people are abiding to the rules and laws the land has?

Actually wala naman mali sa pagiging kontrabida nun iba… i mean we all have different beliefs rin naman… pero parang mali naman ata na purket u dont agree eh sisiraan natin ang mga taong inde agree sa opinyon natin… its really destroying us as Filipinos.

Another thing is ung mga pinamamalita natin is not even for our own good. Like example Duterte minura si Obama? What good would that resort to? Parang imbes magtulungan tayo… we are dragging our own selves pababa… parang we are digging our own burial.

Sa Singapore pag d ka sumunod magmumilta, may palo sa pwet or kundi man IBIBIGTI KA… sa pinas pano? just thinking…

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