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Frowning Clown

Sometimes being a comedic person is so difficult. People doesn’t take you seriously most of the time. They think you’re a just a joke and making a fool out of yourself.

I can’t deny, which I think most of the time, I make people smile or laugh. And yeah I know sometimes my jokes are kinda harsh for some but who cares, most people does it so why I can’t. It’s not only me, okay!? But that’s not my point here and that’s a different story. So lets move on…

When I say things like I am seriously ill, or I’m unhappy and sad; like dead serious! They joke around as if I was making a joke too!?

Comparing how they’re react, when a serious type of person says he/she is crying and very sad, these people give responses saying these words of comforting:

– Everything is going to be fine.
– Why what happened?
– Jsut Pray everything will be ok!
– Message me, why?
– Don’t worry…
– Let’s have a dinner or something…
– Come to my place, f*ck me!!!

And the list go on!

But when it comes to me, their comments are like rubbish! If I say I am unhappy or sad or not okay, they would reply like: GO SHOVE IT TO YOUR ASS!

That’s the problem when we are so used these so called funny people and doesn’t even give so much understanding as compared to other people.We treat them like clowns, as if they are wearing the make up, that even if they frown, their still funny…

Rather than helping and comforting, you are just adding on to their burdens!


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