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The Plagiarist And The Pirate

The Philippine Social Media is at it again. Yes! And they’ve caught Senator Sotto’s second time around, doing some copy-pasting-translating-to-tagalog Speech. And this time it’s not just a blogger, it’s a US Senator, Robert Kennedy, which he is accused to copy the speech from.

Okay the truth is, yes I agree it’s totally wrong to just grab something and claim it for yourself. And the fact that this is the second time he did it. Where did Sen. Sotto’s brain go? What was he thinking!? Is he getting old or what? Nevertheless I agree what he did was wrong.

However the Filipinos just love lambasting on this issue and share their opinions about it. Oh Well, hold your hourses Pinoys. Am I only the one seeing this or what?! Your reaction to the issue is way way beyond, PLAGARISM is same as stealing. YES TRUE! And same goes with PIRACY!

All you guys keep on lambasting on what the Senator did and forgetting that you guys are also doing same thing! STEALING! Getting those illegal downloads of music, apps, movies, etc. Remember this, YOU ARE NO BETTER THAN SENATOR SOTTO. WAHAHA HIPOCRITS!

All I’m saying is, rather than looking to the BIG mistakes that one guy did, look at the Mirror and ask ourselves, “AM I BETTER THAN THAT?”, that would do a BIGGER impact, I think.

So, let Senator Sotto enjoy copying all the words he wants to and for us…. Let’s just enjoy the f*ckin free torrents!

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