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its UMLEO’s b’ day!

And Yes! I just turned 29 last Oct 23! Naks! Another year has passed, a year of blessings and happiness!

HAPPY BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! Bago ko makalimutan na i-greet ang sarili ko at tuluyang magtampo sa sarili ko…

Ever since I was a kid, all i wanted was to get to the right age where in I can do what I want. Can’t wait to reach the age where no one cares kung ano gawin ko sa buhay ko! But then, when I reached that age, I wanted to warp through time and go back! Wahahaha, and mas lalo na ngayon na lampas lampas na ko sa Right Age na un!

But, still I am pretty much happy with my life! I’ve been blessed ever since and I am still! As in, with the kind of family, friends I have and people that surrounds me, I can’t wish of anything more.

I am Happy and Contented. I think thats the most important thing in life eh, You ARE HAPPY. Aanhin mo ang mga bagay bagay kung di ka naman masaya?

Now, it’s time to prepare for another Year… I am thinking of something GOOD-BIG-THING should happen for me this coming year. Though I am not sure what’s that yet. Love Life??? Hmmmm not… Just yet…

Ano pa man ang mangyare, I will remain in looking at in a brighter side. Yung positive side! In that way, any negative thing will eventually turn out to be a good thing.

And for you guys, yes you na nagbabasa ng Blog ko where anything goes, salamat sayo! I am hoping you stay on reading and commenting, positive man or inde! Still thanks!

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