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This is purely my opinion regarding what happened to the current trending #AMALAYER.

Di ko gets, kung baket kailangan mong ipagsigawan sa buong mundo na galit ka at marunong ka mag-english. Nag e-english ka pero mali mali naman. Slang kung slang. If you are one educated person, would you use slang words or rather use proper pronunciation?

Speaking slang in public doesn’t make you a better person than everyone else. It doesn’t make you look rich or even sexy!

She thinks that she is being Cyber bullied, since everyone keeps on bashing her in all Social Media Sites. WAHAHAHAHA That’s what you get if you try to BULLY someone in public.

This is a simple sign that Security Guards in our country are not being respected at all. People are not even scared of them. Ms. Salvosa said she was grabbed by the Lady Guard that’s why she was agitated. The question now is why did the guard grabbed her? There should be a reason why. Maybe she tried not to let the guard scan through her bag. In Which I think GUARDS have all the right to open bags and scan through all of it, with no excuses. And if then this is what happen, then I still take the side of the Security Guard.

Security Guards are there to protect the place, or rather the people in that place. They have SOPs to follow. Now if one or two tries to be funny with them, they have the right to GRAB them and even detain them.

Here in Singapore, Security Guards are highly respected, and People here give much regards to this kind of job. They are security givers and they are protectors too.

Good thing #AMALAYER apologized and said #AMSARRY, or else we will have o change he name of Santolan station to #AMALAYER Station.

I wish both of them well, and pray that AMALAYER learned her lesson already.

Pero mas slang ako kay AMALAYER


NO!!! its UMLEO, slang for “I’m Leo” O.o

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