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Singaporean Wants Separate Bus For Filipino Maids

There was this post that I have read that one Local Singaporean posted an open letter anonymously on The Real Singapore (TRS), a free online platform where Local Singaporeans freely express themselves without any censorship.

The author said that Filipinos should have their own private bus most especially Filipino Maids who have the tendency to be unruly or noisy during their bus ride to their favorite hangout place at Orchard Road.

“I do welcome them to take our public transport as it helps to contribute to our GDP and SMRT’s revenue. Unfortunately, this Pinoy maids were talking so loud in the bus. They joked and burst out laughing loudly. It’s nothing wrong to joke and chit chat in the bus as Sunday is only their off day, however, they should be a little bit more considerate by caring for other passengers too. What I heard in the bus was Phillipino language and I felt like I am taking a bus in Manila. Their voices were just as loud as thunderstorm,” he wrote.

And since he is personally attacking Filipinos, specifically the Domestic Helpers, I will personally reply to him through this blog post.

First thing, Filipino is spelled with a capital F not with a Ph. Second thing, it’s not spelled with double L’s. Know your grammar.

Third, you should learn the difference between THIS and THESE. When you said, “Unfortunately, this Pinoy maids were talking so loud in the bus,” you should have use THESE and not THIS since the word MAIDS is in plural form.

Fourth thing, you can’t compare a thunderstorm to a group of loud voices. If so, you could have lost your sense of hearing already. Imagine, a thunderstorm inside the bus?!

Fifth, your English is so horrible.

Lastly, I am so used to most Locals (not all) here in Singapore. They complain a lot. And some (not all) are taking for granted the beauty of their own country.

So to the person who posted that open letter, I understand you even with all those grammar issues and feel free to complain more. If that is all what you are good at?

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