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I can always say hurtful things. Sometimes I say things in a different perspective, or in a different way. But it’s not meant to hurt anyone. Its aim is to make that someone realize that some things does matter more.

I am not perfect. I have flaws and I am not stopping anyone to criticize me; correct me whenever it is needed. I know how to listen and I know when it is, I really need to apologize. I can be very harsh, I know that. But when I know I got a point, I would bluntly say it.

I am very frank. I know most of the time I can be very straight forward with my words. But for me, it’s really up to the person I am talking to, on how he/she would accept it. If openly they accept my words then good. If they disagree, it is okay. If they get offended by it, then sorry but my words are purely through my observation and notion. I would not be saying and inventing words blindly.

I am not the type of person that keeps mum even after seeing a murder. So if I notice something is wrong, then I would directly say like murder is a crime.  Same goes to little tiny bits of things that matter.

Again I am not saying I am perfect. Cause even Superman got weaknesses. All I am saying is don’t get offended by me disapproving of your actions. It only means that I do care, and I do care a lot, if I did.

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